Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kleenex Confetti

Ugh glug blergh blagh!! If you couldn't guess... I am still sick!!  :0 (  Stupid dang COLD!!! It is nottt cool. I thought it would be better by now... by I think it's actually getting worse! These pics are from a few days ago, I had a bank of pictures that I could use in case this happened! Good thing too because I haven't gotten out of my sweat pants and T-shirt in daysss. Yah foresight!!  :0 )

 Black blouse: Couture 
Grey cami: Mossimo
Jeggings: Maurices
Teal pashmina: Vienna's Naschmarkt
Black Pumps: Steve Madden

OK these black pumps are my absolute FAVE. Not only are they super cute, they are also super comfy! They go really well with soo many things. Hooray for comfortable pumps!

This week has been so weird!! I had to work from home ever since Tuesday, and now it's the weekend for me! Kinda awesome, but I hate feeling unproductive. I really have been lately, boo! 

Tomorrow I am hoping to get back into the swing of things... we will see what happens. I need to go to bed early, even though I slept for about 14 hours yesterday!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Certain Shades of Brown

I am SICK. Boooooo. I knew it was coming though... ahhh the downside of prophetic vision... haha. Wow I am delusional.  I had a three day weekend too, and now it's turned into a four day one. Which isn't bad, but I would rather feel good and be at work than feel crappy and be at home. I would most of all like to feel good at be home, but things don't work that way! I did do a lot of work from home, but it's not the same. Ahhh well. I hope this cold goes away soon and doesn't get worse before it gets better!

   Brown leather jacket: Mossimo
Purple dress: Modcloth
Leggings: Mossimo
Brown boots: Jessica Simpson
Teal pashmina: Naschmarkt in Vienna

I think the next time I wear this outfit I won't wear the brown jacket and these brown boots together. I think the shades of brown are too different to be paired together.

Any thoughts?
Anyway, do you ever feel like your life gets stagnant? I am feeling like that right now. I go through these phases every so often. I need a big change or something so that I don't feel like I am stuck in a rut. 

Any suggestions?

That's all for today, stay well everyone!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Purple Pasge

Pashima: Bought in Naschmarkt in Vienna
Black Tee: H&M
Skirt: Fishbone
Leggings: Mossimo
Boots: Jessica Simpson

Yeah, the title is me trying to shorten Pashmina and not have it sound like Pash like Rash. Hmmm...

So... Happy President's Day Weekend everyone!

I hope you are all doing something fun. I am spending quality time with my family! I came home for the weekend, as did my sister, Erin, and her fiance, Dan. It's been pretty nice. We play a lot of board games. Apples to Apples!!! Whoooo!!!

I thought I would put these pictures up of when I went out to dinner with some friends on Thursday night. It is a fairly simple outfit, but I like it nontheless!

How are you spending your loooong weekend??

Oh and by the way! Martin's brother, Mario, and his wife, Christy, were awesome!!! But I knew they would be. I only surround myself with people I find humorously stimulating.   :0 ) 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunkissed Earthtones

Happy Friday everyone!! 

I am very excited it's Friday! This week has been a bit weird for me... and I can't really put my finger on why it has been. I feel as though I am on the edge of the sickness precipice, which I really do not enjoy. If I am going to get sick, let's bring it on so I can get over it!

My teeth really hurt... which is never a good sign. And mouth issues are the worst since I find them so hard to ignore!  :0 (

Anyway. This blog process is definitely beginning to change me. Now not only am I documenting my outfits, but I find myself trying to take more challenges with what I choose to wear. This outfit doesn't really showcase that, since it is fairly basic (but I still LOVE it!), but I think much more about style and have become extremely interested in checking out the risks that other fashion bloggers have chosen to take. It fascinates me. 

My take on fashion is basically I like to look nice. There are some fashion trends out there that I wouldn't dare try, since I am pretty sure they would look horrid on me (and sometimes, I hate to say it, but I think it looks horrid on the people who do dare to try), but I through this effort I feel myself contemplating outfits that I would have never thought about before. And that's mostly due to the inspiration I get from observing what others are doing. 

So therefore I will pose some questions to any readers: What is your take on fashion? What are some of the most daring outfits you have put together? What is your favorite trend right now? 

I think my next fashion goal needs to be examining the thrifting scene in Santa Fe much more closely. I feel like I haven't really explored that (sure to be great) avenue as much as I should!

What is a goal of yours?

Blue leather jacket: Jack
Brown cardi: Mossimo
Green cami: Maurices
Dark wash jeggings: Maurices
Boots: Sam Edelman
Purple earrings: World market
Necklace: Custom-made by Kate 

Tonight I am headed up to Martini's house to meet his brother and his wife! They are like the only people in his immediate fam that I have yet to meet. I am nervous, which is weird!  :0 /  It should be a blast, I bet we will laugh lonnggg into the night. 

That kind of laughing is the best. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blue Studded Plaid Pleats

 It's funny how I come up with my blog post titles in about 1.5 seconds. I always thought I would spend a ton of time finding the exact perfect thing to title them, but I find that just using the first thing that pops into my head works swimmingly!
So I tried to make my hair curly... which didn't really work out how I wanted it to. So I wore my bluey blue hat instead! Brings a pop of color to the outfit I think...   :0 )

Leather jacket: Vera Moda
Black blouse: H&M
Pink cami: ?  Probably Mossimo
Blue plaid skirt: Orsay
Blue slouchy: Hot Topic
Leggings: Mossimo
Boots: George
Earrings: ?
Ring: Custom-made

I don't have much to say today y'all! I am very lazyyyy today, but at least I got these pics up! Now I think I must get to bed... I am not feelin' too well...   :0 ( 

Good night!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've Got Sunshine

So it's FINALLY starting to get back to normal temperatures here. Sheeshie weather!! What were ya tryin' to do to me?? I realize there was a lapse in postings over the weekend, but I just had NO time!! Haha. All my time was spent eating delicious food (Chicken Mirabella, Porterhouse Steak and King Crab to be specific) and drinking delicious wine and chillin' out with Kate and Teeny. I am finally getting around to posting my outfit pics I think it was from Wednesday? Sorry guys... C'est la vie!!


Dress: JC Penny 
Peacoat: Old Navy
Pink purse: JC Penny
Leather gloves: ? Bought in Germany
Black long-sleeve: Mossimo
Leggings: Mossimo
Boots: George
Earrings: Bealls
Ring: Custom made

I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine's Day! I usually could not give a crap about V- Day, but this weekend was awesome. My little Teeny even bought me flowers, which, I can honestly say I did not see coming...   :0 )

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yah, I Guess I Like Red

It's so interesting, I guess I never really realized how often I wear red! It always seems like such a good color to plan things around. Although I think I planned this outfit around my boots. Too bad I have never treated these boots with suede protection! I always tromp through the snow in my nice boots. Boo. They aren't that worn though, so I guess I didn't mess up too bad! 

Red coat: Orsay
Beige blazer: Maurices
Blue and black spotted blouse: Maurices
Jeans: Levi
Brown heeled boots: Jessica Simpson
Whooo it's the weekend!!

Well for me it is.   :0 )  My work schedule allows me to work 9 hours a day so that I am able to take every other Friday off! It was a bummer though... I worked two Fridays ago in order to take off last Friday to see WICKED (one of the best Broadway shows EVER) and then my work closed down in order to conserve gas to help with the rolling natural gas outages that were happening across New Mexico. That's right, New Mexico experienced such a cold snap that the gas company couldn't meet demand and thousands of New Mexicans were left without gas. And some still are! So insane huh? Well anyway, I ended up having to work an extra day when I would have gotten that day off! But how could I have known that. And also, my work was just trying to help in the face of a disaster! So how could I be upset?   :0 /   Hahaha. 

Anyway, today I am pretty much just going to relax, run some errands, and watch Glee! Yay all around.