Friday, June 3, 2011

Blog? What's That?

Oh me, oh my.   :0 /

OK before I get into my spiel (I know a lot of peeps don't read the words and only look at the pictures!!), here is an outfit pic for you!! It's not a Follow in Their Footsteps Friday post sadly... but maybe it is following someone's footsteps, somewhere. Like a lot of fashion does I think.

White blouse: Hmmm no clue
Pink tank: Mossimo
Jeggings: Maurices
Brown boots: Sam Edelman
Head scarf: Hmmm...

It is SO DANG HARD to blog every day, I have no idea how you people do it. I must admit, I really was into when I started, and now I am less motivated to keep up with it!! I was thinking that it might be because it's almost summer. I mean, it's JUNE already! And seriously, howww did that happen... this year has gone by the fastest ever, I feel like I am on a Merry-Go-Round and just hanging on while everything passes by me in a blur. I don't like that feeling so much. That time-marches-on feeling. What can ya do??

Well, work has been busy as usual, and these past weekends so jam-packed with happenings that I honestly haven't even opened my computer at all this past month. Crazy sauce. But I'm up early this morning, and thought I would post in my blog (what an idea!) before I began on my huge to-do list.

Kate and I are trying to get our garden in shape, which is hard without an outside water source. (Long story--read back to my "a pipe burst in our house!" post in February...) Well that pipe was the only pipe that connected to the outside of the house, so gardening is going to be tricky!! Oh... we WILL do it anyway. Our yard has such potential!!

I also have GOT to go through my clothes and get rid of about half of what I have. Hahahaa. Yah. That IS laughable. I am the worst at getting rid of things, clothes especially. But I am also very good at acquiring newwww clothes, and I am running out of space. Sooo some stuff has GOT to go!!

Ohhh... it's really not fun.   :0 )

OK I'm off to garden and get rid of clothes!! I won't say I promise to update tomorrow and blah blah blah, because we can all see that that would nottt be a truthful statement!   =)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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