Friday, January 28, 2011

Yay for Awards!!!

Whooooo!!! Thanks to the lovely Kaitlynn of Most Serene Rabbit, I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award!

Huzzah! Kaitlynn is so cute, she and I are a lot alike! You should definitely check out her blog!

All righty, on to the required stuff that comes with the award!   :0 )

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
  • Tell us seven things about you
  • Award seven recently discovered new bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award

Seven things about me:
  1. I received a Fulbright grant for journalism and thus spent a year in Munich working on my journalism skills. And... got to interview Lady Gaga during this excursion. I kid you not. It was awesome. 
  2. I plan things to a tee. I love love love making to-do lists and I am not a very spontaneous person, which sometimes bugs me. But it bugs me more not to have a plan. 
  3. I love the bagpipes. I even set out to learn how to play them in college... that didn't really work out. 
  4. Anytime I want to know something, no matter how random or obscure, I always Google it. This can be anything from "what happens when you die" to "how to use a french press."
  5. Elephants are the coolest and most beautiful things on the earth.
  6. I was born on Christmas, and thus have two middle names. Christine Noel.
  7. I can't concentrate on just one thing. Ever. Also, I like telling people about me. Which makes it hard to stop at 7... but I will spare you.

Seven fabulous blogs:

Just a note--choosing these blogs took a LOT of time as I thoroughly thought my decision through. (Wow that sentence is full of the "tho-" words...) Anyway, I apologize to any of the blogs I list if they have already received this award, but then again, what's bad about getting an award twice!?!?

Check them out!
  1. .but i like it. 
    • I love Melina's blog. She has great style and her photos are fantastic!
  2. my lily, darling 
    • I recently discovered Steffane's blog through Weardrobe, and I must say I am loving it so far!
  3. piglet's closet 
    • Piglet has great style. I get a lot of inspiration from her!
  4. Center Stage
    • Brooke has wonderful fashion sense, and a lot of pictures to glance through!
  5. That Which We Call Life 
    • Love this blog, and she just cut her hair! 
  6. Charlie Hearts
    • Ha I love her Barbies and Ballet.  :-)
  7. Red Lips & Bardot Hair
    • I love Katie's photos. They are so simple and yet so striking. 


    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    Where for art thou, brown boots of mine?

    I know... I am aware I have been lacking in the posting department!! Ack times a thousand! I cannot believe how busy I have been of late... so busy that I haven't even really planned any cool outfits!! Yikes. Bikes? Hehehe that was a movie line...

    ANYWAY when I get home I am going to take a picture of my outfit!!! It is fairly basic, but the necklace I'm wearing today is what makes it amaaaazing. Kate made me a necklace for my birthday and it is awesome. Ahhh custom-made jewelry... gotta love it.

    I am also getting some clothes delivered to me today from... you guessed it! Maurices!!! I love them sooo much. I think because of the diverse selection they offer, I LOVE their Wear @ Work section (I would say this is the genre I wear most often... boring?? NO!), and I love how they give you little ideas on how to wear an item with their "Complete the Look" sidebar. Love them!

    I also have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of brown boots... I ordered some Seychelles but they were too tight on my calves (dang calves!), which was a real shame because they were beautiful boots. They were the Incognito boots, and if you have smallish calves and are looking for a great boot, those were NICE.

    Photo courtesy of

    I also tried out the Naughty Monkey Detective boot, which looked really nice online but just wasn't my style...

    Photo courtesy of
    I have been searching... and searching. I probably should go to an actual shoe store, but those prove to be quite dangerous for me. However, I did poke around some and I found these:

    The Sanford boot by Sam Edelman. Oh. My. God. What a GORGEOUS boot. I found seriously THE LAST ONE in my size from Amazon Warehouse Deals.

    Photo courtesy of
    I think it's fate.

    Let's hope!!

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Fellow Bloggers


    Today I spent some time looking at a lot of other fashion blogs, and I can't believe the various, diverse and unique material that is out there!

    It really made me realize how much work I have ahead of me in order to make this project turn out the way I see it in my head...

    I REALLY want a new camera!!!

    But I sort of have been on a spending frenzy as of late... and I definitely cannot afford to buy one right now. I will just have to invest more time in making my pictures turn out the way I want them!

    Speaking of which, does anyone know how to make your pictures fit the width of your blog posts? I have looked that up and cannot make it happen... JEEZ this is definitely a learning experience!!!

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    My Doggie Loves Me

    So didn't get around to posting this last night, too tired and too much to do! But here is my outfit from yesterday.

     Outfit details:
    Jacket: Vera Moda (bought in Germany)
    Scarf: Thrifted at a market in Vienna
    Black shirt: Orsay
    Jeggings: Maurices (ok, I know I wear them ALL the time but I LOVE them!)
    Purple belt: ?? (Also bought in Germany)
    Bubbled Blue necklace: Made by Kate
    Puppy: Little Toby who is one of my little babies

     I have decided that I need a new pair of black boots! I have three already... but... I wear one pair to death. Those new boots I mentioned ordering in an earlier post didn't end up working out (stupid calves!) so now I must go on the hunt once again!!

    Today I am not wearing anything of note, since I have a spa appointment later I decided to dress in total comfort so as to prolong those effects!!!

    I think that is a great idea...    :0 )

    Til tomorrow!

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    A Few Edits

    Hello, helloooo everyone!

    So I have made a few changes/improvements to my blog, including adding a custom sig and plugging some badges in on my site, so yay! I know, fairly simple stuff... but hey, I am learning as a go along! So for me, that is pretty cool!

    When I get home this evening, I plan to take a pic of my outfit as well as try and figure out how to do custom fonts!!!   :0 )

    Also, does anyone know how to get rid of the dotted line that shows up right before my signature? I have googled it, but none of the answers I have come across seem to do the trick... any suggestions, that would be great!!!

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    Business As Usual

    Man!!! I can't believe it's Thursday... boooo. I mean, that is good, it's almost Friday, which means the work week is almost over, but that ALSO means that I haven't posted anything for THREE days!!! Ack ack ack. AND I was wearing two outfits that I really liked in there!!! Wow I really need to invest in a high quality tripod... time to get serious. My roomie is not so pleased when I ask her to please come outside in the freezing cold to snap "a few" of me.


    Well today I wore a very work-ish outfit, but these shoes are some of my absolute fave. I made a collage earlier so I think I will just post that here instead of each pic individually. (I also ordered some boots from Endless yesterday... oooo can't WAIT to see them!!!)

    Outfit details:
    Black vest: Orsay
    Dress pants: Mossimo
    White shirt: Maurices
    Mary Janes: Mossimo
    Earrings: World Market

     Ha I have recently realized how much I shop at Maurices and Target. Crazy! Not many other people have tagged Maurices... I really like their stuff though!!!

    I am going to spend a lot of time working on my blog tomorrow... so hopefully I can figure some stuff out and get some more content up in this BLOG. Hahhaa. Wow I think I am tired. 


    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Purple Hearts

    Blarghhh so I didn't post yesterday... even though these pics ARE from yesterday!!! Today I definitely did not wear anything noteworthy. I was just in Albuquerque with my boyfriend, Martin, and we did not do anything special!!! Just lazed around and watched movies while he made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like that.

    But here is yesterday's outfit!

    I like the plaid paired with the striped socks... what do you think?

    Oh yes... and if you'll notice... I chopped off all my hair!!! I LOVE it. It's super easy to style! It's verrrrry different though, and probably the shortest I've ever had it! It makes me feel more... adult. I wonder if that's a good thing??

    Outfit details:
    Shirt: JC Penny
    Skirt: New Yorker (purchased while living in Germany)
    Leggings: Target
    Socks: Target
    Boots: Thrifted
    Earrings: World Market
    Bracelet: Target

    This location is actually my backyard! It's a very pretty location, but not a landmark... I have a feeling I might be taking more than a few pictures in this location just because it's so accessible!! But I really will aim to go to a new location at least once a week... there are so many cool places here to see!

    So yay! Tomorrow I am going to spend some time joining all the fashion communities out there (or at least some of them!) to try and bring some readers to my blog!


    Friday, January 7, 2011


    My first outfit post!!! Whoooo I am abnormally excited...

    Ok so I have decided that I am going to TRY to take pictures in different locations around Santa Fe, since there are so many scenic places that also have such rich history. So I will give a little info about the location, as well as the outfit!!!

    And I am REALLY big on jewelry, so expect to see a lot of that tied in as well.

    So I know I look very snow-bunnyish, but I like it!!!

    I have a crooked smile kinda. I like it.

    This is one of my favorite necklaces!!! Kate made it for me. I call it Bubbled Blue.

    I put this one up cause I really like the shadow I am casting.
    Outfit details:
    Vest: North Face

    Black T-shirt: Target
    Pink vest: Maurices
    Jeggings: Maurices
    Boots: Target
    Earrings: Target

    The location is Overlook Park! This huuuuuge canyon is about two blocks away from my house. The river is the Rio Grande. It's in White Rock, NM, which is technically Los Alamos, NM. 

    Here's Kate!
    Outfit details:
    Grey hoodie: Thrifted
    Scarf: New York & Co.
    Jeans: Express
    Unknown black clogs

    Her rings are awesome. I am pretty sure she craft-faired one of those babies and one is her grandma's spoon ring!!!

    Katelyn made this necklace too!!!! She is sooooo awesome. I call this piece... ladybug.
    Very fitting.

    YAY!!!!! Wow I can't believe how fun that was.
    I am in love with this.

    Work in Progress

    Wow I am obsessed with this blog. Already. It hardly has any content on it so far... and I still have been dreaming about it... hahaha!! Seriously though. All I want to do is learn more about fashion blogging. All I do is read other fashion blogs and stalk my favorite ones, read tips and advice on IFB, think about what I want this blog to look like and how I can make it happen. It is definitely in the beginning stages, but I can't wait to see how it will evolve.

    It's soooo exciting!!!

    All right. So yesterday I really liked the outfit I wore and I meant to take pictures of it and everything to have it be my first official outfit post, but then I forgot to bring my camera with me to work... for me to take pics during my lunch break! So today, I DID remember my camera and I am going to do that very thing during lunch! So very soon! But I thought I would update before that as well... just to explain my lack of post yesterday, as I am really going to try and update this blog on a daily basis!!!
    Yum, lunch! And pics!!

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Here Goes

    Hellooooo everyone!

    I'm Brenna.

    I'm 26, I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my friend Kate and my pup Baxter (oooh see the "B" repetitions??), and I have a passion for fashion. And rhyming. :0 )

    Well, a version of "fashion." I really enjoy the putting outfits together, color combinations, exploring the depths of your closet to find things you had completely forgotten about and having them become your new favorite items. That sort of thing. The big feathers, asymmetricality, skin tight, see-throughness of the runway I must admit is a little intimidating to me. Although I do find inspiration from designer fashion, I find the more common, down-to-earth stylings of everyday women much more intriguing.

    Which brings me to why I started this particular blog, or how I finally got up the courage to do so.
    See, I really like fashion and outfits and all of that, but I am not a stick figure. Nope, I am a CURVY girl. Which sometimes I find can be to my advantage, but other times... not so much. And ohhh I know you see what's coming... as one of my New Year's resolutions... :0 ) ... I have vowed to get into shape, eat better, and yep... lose weight. I knowww it's cliche... but this year I have a feeling I WILL accomplish my goal.
    And, I wanted to wait until I had reached my ideal weight before I began a fashion blog, but after much thought, as well as inspiration from fellow fashion bloggers, particularly Tieka of Selective Potential (thanks Tieka!), I decided what better time to start than NOW.

    Yes, this is the first post. I JUST NOW created this blog and I know for a fact it will change. I will change. At least that is the hope.

    So if you like fashion, if you like reading my ramblings, if you want to support yet another blogger in her efforts to join the fashion community, you are more than welcome to follow me on the journey.

    Here goes!