Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Doggie Loves Me

So didn't get around to posting this last night, too tired and too much to do! But here is my outfit from yesterday.

 Outfit details:
Jacket: Vera Moda (bought in Germany)
Scarf: Thrifted at a market in Vienna
Black shirt: Orsay
Jeggings: Maurices (ok, I know I wear them ALL the time but I LOVE them!)
Purple belt: ?? (Also bought in Germany)
Bubbled Blue necklace: Made by Kate
Puppy: Little Toby who is one of my little babies

 I have decided that I need a new pair of black boots! I have three already... but... I wear one pair to death. Those new boots I mentioned ordering in an earlier post didn't end up working out (stupid calves!) so now I must go on the hunt once again!!

Today I am not wearing anything of note, since I have a spa appointment later I decided to dress in total comfort so as to prolong those effects!!!

I think that is a great idea...    :0 )

Til tomorrow!


  1. I really like your outfit :)
    The leather jacket is awesome!!! I wear my jeggings all the time as well :P


  2. Your dog is so cute, and I love the belt and necklace! So, I am awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award! You can check out the realted post and rules about passing the award along here:

    Stylish Bogger Award!

  3. I think that belt will look much better higher- at waistline ;)