Friday, January 7, 2011

Work in Progress

Wow I am obsessed with this blog. Already. It hardly has any content on it so far... and I still have been dreaming about it... hahaha!! Seriously though. All I want to do is learn more about fashion blogging. All I do is read other fashion blogs and stalk my favorite ones, read tips and advice on IFB, think about what I want this blog to look like and how I can make it happen. It is definitely in the beginning stages, but I can't wait to see how it will evolve.

It's soooo exciting!!!

All right. So yesterday I really liked the outfit I wore and I meant to take pictures of it and everything to have it be my first official outfit post, but then I forgot to bring my camera with me to work... for me to take pics during my lunch break! So today, I DID remember my camera and I am going to do that very thing during lunch! So very soon! But I thought I would update before that as well... just to explain my lack of post yesterday, as I am really going to try and update this blog on a daily basis!!!
Yum, lunch! And pics!!

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