Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where for art thou, brown boots of mine?

I know... I am aware I have been lacking in the posting department!! Ack times a thousand! I cannot believe how busy I have been of late... so busy that I haven't even really planned any cool outfits!! Yikes. Bikes? Hehehe that was a movie line...

ANYWAY when I get home I am going to take a picture of my outfit!!! It is fairly basic, but the necklace I'm wearing today is what makes it amaaaazing. Kate made me a necklace for my birthday and it is awesome. Ahhh custom-made jewelry... gotta love it.

I am also getting some clothes delivered to me today from... you guessed it! Maurices!!! I love them sooo much. I think because of the diverse selection they offer, I LOVE their Wear @ Work section (I would say this is the genre I wear most often... boring?? NO!), and I love how they give you little ideas on how to wear an item with their "Complete the Look" sidebar. Love them!

I also have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of brown boots... I ordered some Seychelles but they were too tight on my calves (dang calves!), which was a real shame because they were beautiful boots. They were the Incognito boots, and if you have smallish calves and are looking for a great boot, those were NICE.

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I also tried out the Naughty Monkey Detective boot, which looked really nice online but just wasn't my style...

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I have been searching... and searching. I probably should go to an actual shoe store, but those prove to be quite dangerous for me. However, I did poke around some and I found these:

The Sanford boot by Sam Edelman. Oh. My. God. What a GORGEOUS boot. I found seriously THE LAST ONE in my size from Amazon Warehouse Deals.

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I think it's fate.

Let's hope!!

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  1. Ooooh, those first boots are right up my ally!

    But alas, I have the exact same problem with my calves :( I love boots, but I can hardly seem to get any on my calves!
    I ordered some boots for my mom for x-mas from that had leather on the front and a streachy material on the back which solved that problem, and they were actually pretty attractive too. I think they were the "walsh" boots if you're still looking?
    Anyways, I'm looking foreword to more posts and photos (especially of custom jewlery)!