Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here Goes

Hellooooo everyone!

I'm Brenna.

I'm 26, I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my friend Kate and my pup Baxter (oooh see the "B" repetitions??), and I have a passion for fashion. And rhyming. :0 )

Well, a version of "fashion." I really enjoy the putting outfits together, color combinations, exploring the depths of your closet to find things you had completely forgotten about and having them become your new favorite items. That sort of thing. The big feathers, asymmetricality, skin tight, see-throughness of the runway I must admit is a little intimidating to me. Although I do find inspiration from designer fashion, I find the more common, down-to-earth stylings of everyday women much more intriguing.

Which brings me to why I started this particular blog, or how I finally got up the courage to do so.
See, I really like fashion and outfits and all of that, but I am not a stick figure. Nope, I am a CURVY girl. Which sometimes I find can be to my advantage, but other times... not so much. And ohhh I know you see what's coming... as one of my New Year's resolutions... :0 ) ... I have vowed to get into shape, eat better, and yep... lose weight. I knowww it's cliche... but this year I have a feeling I WILL accomplish my goal.
And, I wanted to wait until I had reached my ideal weight before I began a fashion blog, but after much thought, as well as inspiration from fellow fashion bloggers, particularly Tieka of Selective Potential (thanks Tieka!), I decided what better time to start than NOW.

Yes, this is the first post. I JUST NOW created this blog and I know for a fact it will change. I will change. At least that is the hope.

So if you like fashion, if you like reading my ramblings, if you want to support yet another blogger in her efforts to join the fashion community, you are more than welcome to follow me on the journey.

Here goes!

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