Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fellow Bloggers


Today I spent some time looking at a lot of other fashion blogs, and I can't believe the various, diverse and unique material that is out there!

It really made me realize how much work I have ahead of me in order to make this project turn out the way I see it in my head...

I REALLY want a new camera!!!

But I sort of have been on a spending frenzy as of late... and I definitely cannot afford to buy one right now. I will just have to invest more time in making my pictures turn out the way I want them!

Speaking of which, does anyone know how to make your pictures fit the width of your blog posts? I have looked that up and cannot make it happen... JEEZ this is definitely a learning experience!!!


  1. I'm not very tech savvy (and that's a giant understatement), but when I'm not lazy and want to make all the photos in my post as wide as possible, I do it the manual way. I check under my Template Designer> Adjust Widths, and see how wide my main column is (880px in my case). Then I use my image editing software to resize my image to about 870px wide. I find that when I size them to 880px exactly I still get some overhang into my side column, so I fiddled with the photo widths to see how wide I could get them. Sorry I couldn't be much help. Good luck with your blog!

  2. Hey, don't stress you will learn really quickly!! I just started mine like 2 weeks ago and I already feel so much more comfortable...If you are interested I just wrote a post about succesfull style blogging that you might like, just check out my blog :)

    - (oh, and I'm following you now :) )

  3. Hello darling, I'm here from IFB, I've found your blog great!!!
    If you need a new camera I must suggest you the new Canon 500d really amazing!!!
    Now I'm a new follower,
    Keep in touch,

  4. I totally understand how you feel! When I started my blog I used to read like four to six other fashion blogs, then I started to realize just HOW many there are and it's kinda scary :P
    The issue with the photos is another thing I'm struggling with, you see all these bloggers who are semi-pro photographers are who have photographer boyfriends and stuff...and it's hard to, don't want to call it compete but in a way.. "compete" with that.
    I think a tripod would be the best investment, and to get the photos right for upload I spent a lot of time on paint and photobucket :) You'll get the hang of it though, don't worry!