Friday, April 1, 2011

Follow in Their Footsteps Friday: Black, Blue and Brown

 This week, I got my inspiration from the lovely Emily of Tomorrow Never Knows. I saw her outfit, and I was just completely inspired! Mostly because I have never worn black, brown and blue together, because I never thought I could pull it off. But I think this has now become one of my favorite outfits!! The one thing I was missing, unfortunately, was the leopard scarf... and I really think that adds something, so I will have to revisit this outfit at a later date! But thank you Emily!  
:0 )

 Black Babydoll dress: Body Central
Black tee: H&M
Blue tights: Target
Brown boots: Jessica Simpson
Headband: Hmmm...
Earrings: Target

Haha I love that last pic. AIRPLANE!!  :0 )

I am spending a lovely weekend in Denver! We are planning to go to the Molly Brown House, the Denver Art Museum, and the Stanley Hotel! I have been to the latter before, but I loveeee it. 

Ghost stories, man... they are right up my alley. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend as well!

Oh, and APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! Didn't think of anything worthy enough to post up here... but I got my friends and fam goooooood! Hahahaa.


  1. oh my god, you are freakin adorable! I am so glad I inspired you - you have no idea! It's great to see that my mom is not the only one reading my blog ;)

  2. wow....that outfit is spot on! You look darling in it:)

  3. Thanks Emily, and Rosy!

    Ha, I always love it when I find out someone other than my mom is reading mine, too!! Hahaha that made me giggle.

    :0 )