Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tip Tuesday: March of the Mascara

 Holy Blagoly!!!! It's MARCH.

I cannot believe that. Time does march on, doesn't it... hahaha ohhh the pun madness!!!  :0 )

Here is my first tip to you my lovelies!! It is one that I myself use every single day. And although I am sure many of you know about it, it's possible some of you don't!

So I, like many ladies, am quite a fan of cosmetics. I hate going out in public before completing my whole makeup face project, thing. And if I am really in a rush, I still must put on foundation, blush and... mascara. Otherwise I look like I have no eyelashes. And therefore weird.

Photo: Getty Images, off of stylelist.com So here is a MASACARA MAKEUP TIP for youuu!!!

I find that mascara is best applied when very liquidy. You know how mascara tends to dry up on the inside of the bottle, and then when you pull out the applicator sometimes the brush is stuck weird because the liquid has kind of, shall I say, CLUMPED. Ohhh clumpy mascara. *Shudder shudder*

So here is THE tip: before you apply your mascara, run the entire tube—capped, of course—under running hot water for about 30 seconds. The warmer the liquid is inside, the smoother the liquid gets and thus the easier to glide on. Often, I do not have access to hot running water, so then I will instead hold the tube someplace warm (I put it between my legs... hey, it's warm there, can't argue that) while I complete the rest of my makeup application. By the time I apply my mascara, it is nice and liquidyyy. 

Oh... and I have many mascara tips... but I think I will disperse them...   :0 )

Cheers loves!!

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