Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frozen February

Hi all. So February is upon us. My least favorite month.

I have really been trying to work hard at this blog, but it is proving much more difficult than I thought! I am not backing out, or making excuses, I am just trying to explain why I am currently not making much progress on this new effort.

First of all, Winter just takes it out of me. I do love to ski, and I do love snow, but the bitter cold and chilling winds are truly my enemies. Often during this time of the year, I get bogged down and I slump around, stuck in a sort of haze. I will really try and break free of that! That is a statement I should say to myselfbreak free from this Winter Blues, Brens!!!

Second of all, I have become super busy at work, and thus when I get home I just want to chill out. This is also a pattern I have GOT to change!!! To you bloggers out there, what are some of the ways you stay motivated to update on a daily basis? And how do you find the time??

Finally, I have been on a new exercise regime (yahhh Jillian Michaels!) that has been kicking my butt every morning for the past 11 days now. But I haven't really been seeing results yet. I am also trying to watch what I eat, but ahhh... that part is much harder.   :0 )

So seeee! Explanations! Ok... so maybe they are excuses. I wanted to get this out though, maybe more as a reminder to myself that this project is something worth seeing through, so I have just got to SHAPE UP and stop being so frozen!

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  1. Winter puts me into hybernation mode too. All I want to do is eat, sleep, and stay as warm as possible!
    I find that when I lose blog motivation, trying to force myself to post only makes it worse. I also have never tried to update everyday, I just know I wouldn't happily stick to a schedule like that.
    I try to break bloggers-block by going on "field trips", like going to an art gallery, or going on a peple watching expedition. Just little things that break up the monotomy of life and get me thinking. Hope that helps!