Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Sanford


 They have ARRIVED!!! And I must say... they are some of the most BEAUTIFUL boots I have ever seen!! I am so sosososo glad they worked out! Oooo and I am super stoked about the deal I got. Yes! Brown Boots, I have FINALLY found you! These are perfect for me because I can lace them up to fit the width of my calves. I didn't think I had big calves, but I went through many a boot before I found this baby. How do you little chickie's have such teeny calves? People don't carry you around, do they?  :0 )  Oh SANFORD! How I adore you! Ok, a little obsessed... sorry.

 This is my pup Baxter wee Bax! Well, just Baxter. But I call him everything from Bub to Beetle. Ohhhh he is just so cute! And also very cuddly... as illustrated here.

Beige blazer: Maurices
Blue blouse: Maurices
Brown boots: Sam Edelman
Alliteration: B is the best letter  :0 )
Jeggings: Maurices
Earrings: World Market
Ring: Purchased in Nice, France!
So when I was putting this outfit together, I grabbed this blue blouse because blue and brown are one of my favorite combos ever (yah, not that original, I know...) but I didn't remember that the sleeves were a bit poofy and long! So they stuck out from under my blazer. I was worried at first and thought "dangit, why didn't I grab a different blue shirt?" but I am kinda liking that look! What do you think??

On another note... over the course of this weekend a pipe burst in mine and Kate's apartment (in her bedroom... yeesh) and flooded her entire room in about three inches of water in 30 seconds! Ahhhhh. So yah that sucked. Then, when I went to my boyfriend's house this weekend, pipes connecting to the washer and dryer had burst as well and had flooded the entire laundry room... and when the laundry room had just about as much water as it could handle, it started draining into his basement. When he went down there with his irrigation boots he said he thought there was about two FEET of water! His stuff was floating everywhere.

Ugh. Dang cold temperatures!! New Mexico is not cut out for this! Hey weather, I would like it to get warmer now please... thanks.

Whooo!! Two days of posts in a row! Woot.


  1. Omg, how cold is it for pipes to be bursting in New Mexico? I guess since it's usually warm your pipes generally aren't insulated are they? Last year when I was living in Edmonton it hit -60°C, and I never heard of anyone's pipes bursting.

    But I digress. Those boots are absolutely amazing! I love boots with laces! I hear you on the calves tho, I don't know how anyone has such tiny toothpick calves as to fit into boots today. I have a thing for layered and varied sleeve lengths, so I love that shirt and jacket together.


  2. Yah it only got down to like -20 F, but pipes here are definitely not equipped for that! Man it sucks. Ummmm -60 C... YIKES.

    I am glad you like my boots and my jacket, shirt thingy! I like them too!!!

    :0 )