Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is what I did during the Superbowl

 Shirt: Mossimo
Cami: Maurices
Jeggings: Maurices
Socks: Target
Boots: Jessica Simpson
Necklace: Made by Kate (one of the first, if not the first (?) that she ever made me!
Silver hoops: JC Penny
Bracelet: Target

(I love my hair-flip pic by the way)

That's right. 
I do notttt care about the Superbowl!!!! Whahahahaha!! So I went outside and finally took pics of my outfit. Hurray!!! This one was really fun too, I took manyyyy pictures so that I could have many many from which to choose! 

(P.S. I know this is the best tactic... ok... it's just sometimes TIME does not permit!)

So THANKS Superbowl for allotting me time!!

As you can see, I also changed my blog layout. Which, I am sure will happen many times. Although I think I messed something up when I was editing my template back when I first was figuring some stuff out... I don't know, some aspects do not cooperate! Like photo resizing, and even when I am typing up my posts sometimes my cursor does really weird things... Man. I hope I did not completely screw up my template forever and ever!!   :0 /

Oh and GUYS. I got my Sam Edleman boots. 
Holy cow.
Don't worry, I already took pics of that outfit!!! Which will be up... TOMORRIE!

Oh, and congrats Packer fans.   ;0 )

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  1. Very cute, and time well spent!
    I was the "supportive girlfriend" and sat throught the whole thing. I will never have that day back :(