Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Teahouse

BRRRRR. If anyone is reading, you will know how committed I am this week because I went out in subzero temperatures in order to take pics!! Hehehe. Yay snow!! But seriously, brrr.   :0 )

 This is the necklace I mentioned in an earlier post that Kate made me for my birthday! I call it Red Teahouse. I don't know, that's just what it makes me think of! I LOVE it!!!   :0 )
I am trying to get her to start a blog herself so she might be able to sell her pieces but I don't think she is feelin' it! Maybe I will start one for her... 

 These shoes are almost on their last leg... but I LOVEEEE them!! I won't stop wearing them until they completely disintegrate. 

 Hahaha I put this one up cause my face is hilarious.

Blazer: Vanity
White tee: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Silver hoop earrings: JC Penny
Red mary janes: Orsay

It was snowing on me!!! I love the snow, but without a jacket it was not pleasant! But I love the flurries and how it dusts your eyelashes and each time you blink you can feel the ice. I have GOT to go skiing soon! We are finally getting some snow here and I must take advantage since I only went TWICE last year during one of the best seasons ever!!! Man. Faiiiilureee!! Well I will make it up to myself this time!

What is up with any readers I may have out there? Any news you want to share??? Come on!! Let's discuss things!!

I am watching an episode of Sex and the City... just fyi. The one with Berger when he is first introduced and before he gets all annoying and needy and self-conscious. Yeach. So there! I shared! Now it's your turn!!


  1. Love the necklace! I've never really gotten into Sex & the City, despite my old roomate being a diehard fan. My tv show tastes run more towards historical and educational stuff. Don't I sound exciting? The bf and I just finished Band of Brothers, so were trying to figure out what to watch next.