Friday, February 11, 2011

Yah, I Guess I Like Red

It's so interesting, I guess I never really realized how often I wear red! It always seems like such a good color to plan things around. Although I think I planned this outfit around my boots. Too bad I have never treated these boots with suede protection! I always tromp through the snow in my nice boots. Boo. They aren't that worn though, so I guess I didn't mess up too bad! 

Red coat: Orsay
Beige blazer: Maurices
Blue and black spotted blouse: Maurices
Jeans: Levi
Brown heeled boots: Jessica Simpson
Whooo it's the weekend!!

Well for me it is.   :0 )  My work schedule allows me to work 9 hours a day so that I am able to take every other Friday off! It was a bummer though... I worked two Fridays ago in order to take off last Friday to see WICKED (one of the best Broadway shows EVER) and then my work closed down in order to conserve gas to help with the rolling natural gas outages that were happening across New Mexico. That's right, New Mexico experienced such a cold snap that the gas company couldn't meet demand and thousands of New Mexicans were left without gas. And some still are! So insane huh? Well anyway, I ended up having to work an extra day when I would have gotten that day off! But how could I have known that. And also, my work was just trying to help in the face of a disaster! So how could I be upset?   :0 /   Hahaha. 

Anyway, today I am pretty much just going to relax, run some errands, and watch Glee! Yay all around.


  1. Red coats are the best :D I really love the short sleeved jacket you have on underneath, very chic!


  2. Thanks Aline! I truly, honestly, seriously appreciate every single comment I get! Thank you for taking the time to make my day!!

    :0 )

  3. That coat is great! And btw you look very good in this outfit ;)

  4. I love your blouse and it looks cute, chic, and a little retro with that little short sleeve blazer. nice styling!